Megan Christine Price
DOB: August 28, 2003, Jacksonville, Florida.

My first jazz concert at 7 months of age!

    I love the beach at one year!

l found this thing.......

Don't call me Alfalfa

Where's my surfboard? 

No.... I love the beach anytime!

This is my look at 18 months!

Is it legal to catch a bird?

Come to me, I won't hurt you...much!

This water is cold!

 I think I'll do some digging.

Hey your step!

Haven't you ever seen a tattoo?

I can't sit still for long!

I just love pictures!

I'm going to be an engineer!

This is work, I'm going on strike!

No, I think I'll be a model!


Today is Labor Day, 2006, and I just turned three. Life can be tough when you are only three years old. I don't have a car or a motorcycle, and I have to rely on my Mom to get me around. I think Papaw and Nana would buy me a car if I asked, but I don't think my Mom would let me drive it. No... I think I will just enjoy this spa for now and maybe take a walk on the beach later. Maybe catch a bird, or look for some shark's teeth, or maybe I'll talk to that cute lifeguard.

Yes... life can be tough when you're only three.


It's Christmas 2006 and I am being so good. I asked Santa for a Harley with loud pipes and lots of chrome. I know it's a long shot, but I have been very good lately.

Except for that time when I put the ........... No, I had better keep quite on that one. Maybe he doesn't know.